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From your profile page you can update it with your own personal avatars/headers and background images to give your page a more personal touch. You’ll also have quick and easy access to all the features that buddypress has to offer. The recent activity streams (see below for further information) your latest notifications, any unread messages and gifts you have received plus your latest blog entries. You can easily keep in touch with your friends and view their recent activity. You'll be kept informed of current friend requests, have access to the forums plus chatroom and groups. In settings you can change your email, password and what notifications you’ll receive. Finally you have the option to alter your profile visibility.


The cornerstone of any social network is of course making and having friends (you don’t say hey). Whether you like to have a few or dozens, we hope our site will help you connect with people within the community. Those you can trust to understand what it means to have a mental illness. You may just find a friend for life, someone that will be there to make you smile, to make you laugh but also in those times of need. Thankfully adding friends (sending friend requests) or even unfriending (as if you would) is a simple process and there are no limits on how many you can have or as little if you prefer. With our word matching system, finding others who share common interests is a quick and simple process.


As with any other social network you can send and receive private messages, a fundamental part to forming lasting friendships. Images, videos may be sent as can file attachments along with your own supremely written masterpiece. What's more we have a range of nice smiley's you can send at your leisure. Here at crazy chums we also take your privacy extremely seriously, are dedicated to keeping your information truly private. And as such have invested in SSL encryption, as you likely can see with our best friend the green padlock. As everyone maybe aware we can be a sensitive people at times, so of paramount importance is the well-being of our members. So as such (wisely or not) we allow only friends the option to private message each other. If you have any concerns don't hesitate to get in touch.


The groups option does exactly what it says on the tin by allowing members to create any kind of group they wish within the community. Those who perhaps share the same interests, whether it be a particular film or genre of films, a band an actor a singer a sport, you name it. Could be if you’re simply a group of friends who wish to go it alone occasionally. Once a group has been created the administrator of that group will be whoever created it. And they alone can send out invites allow and deny requests to join, moderate it as they see fit. Much like member profiles, avatars and headers plus a suitable background of your choosing can also be set.


Activity streams can provide a quick digest of the recent activity within the community. Be it as a whole or any specific group or user including that of yourself via a drop-down menu. Anything and everything can be catalogued in buddypress. A new blog post, comment or any new friendships or groups that may have been created. On the activity page much like you’ll see on twitter or facebook you can leave comments for your fellow members and friends to read. With the added bonus of a near identical set of facebook like buttons to show your appreciation.. There are three activity streams you can access. Sitewide, which as the name suggests highlights all activities, Member Activity and Personal.


Capitalising on the full functionality of WordPress, users can utilise a full-featured online publishing platform to post their thoughts on any topic you care to think of. If you’d like to write about your days out that’s fine, about your nights in, also fine. If it’s films you enjoy write about those too, games? anything and everything (well nearly).. As previously stated, given the sensitive nature of many mental illnesses our potential members well-being will be at the forefront of our thinking. Therefore all blog posts will be subject to review and drafted before publication. You can either post via the user post page or from the user profile blog page.


What thriving community would be complete without forums? we have two here on Crazy Chums. So if forums are more your thing than you'll be pleased to know you can create threads, polls, post pictures and videos to your hearts content. Either here on or at nolongeralone in which you’ll find we regularly post our favourite music, talk about games discuss the latest news, mental health or otherwise. Anything and everything you can think of you’d like to discuss we’re happy to do so. We even throw in some nice little flash games for everyone to enjoy.


And last and by no means least we have for those who like a more personal close quarters way to chat, a fully featured chatroom with all the bells and whistles you’d expect. It features the ability to embed videos, use emoticons, post pictures and even allows our users to send attachments and video chat. Unlike many chatrooms it also has no user limits and for peace of mind will be regularly monitored and moderated by a few of our most trusted lieutenants.

Further Features & Future Expansion

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    Latest News

    Catch up on the latest mental health news. Be it about anxiety, ADHD or any other condition via our feeds & videos. All of which will keep you informed of what is happening across the globe.

  • Videos

    Though we have made every effort to make Crazy Chums as accessible as humanly possible, we appreciate people may get overwhelmed. Therefore we’re be making a series of videos to help you get acquainted and more besides.. See video page

  • Gifts

    Send gifts with a personalised message to your friends or other members of your choosing. With over 30 currently to choose from for almost every occasion. Why not lighten up a members day today

  • Podcasting

    It’s not always easy to come forward to talk about mental health issues as we are all to aware no doubt. Nevertheless we’re discussing the possibility of doing just that, please get in contact if you feel you’d like to participate.

  • Photo, Video & Music Galleries

    Create galleries to showcase your photos, videos, music or even documents. Set them as "featured" to be shown on your profile homepage (a maximum of 10) or select any gallery image as your new avatar.. See our guidelines page for further information regards upload limits

  • Games, Polls & Quizzes

    Pit your wits against fellow members in a range of quizzes and games. Participate in polls to determine likes/dislikes and vote on future design ideas for our site

  • Seamless Backgrounds

    Want some nice backgrounds for your profile? no problem we have many to choose from, all of which are seamless (can be repeated/tiled). Please Note: the thumbnail quality will not be representative of the downloaded image   

  • Charity Donations

    Here at Crazy Chums we’re dedicated to helping those in the mental health community. Not only by means of making a social network but via charity donations as yet to be decided.

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