Posted on September 10, 2017

Crazy Sharing

Engrish for the uninitiated are English grammatical errors mostly seen as being highly comical in nature across the Asian territories. Often used for decorative and fashion purposes to also “help” us native English speakers with disastrously funny consequences unbeknown to our far eastern friends. The huge rise in popularity of western culture and tourism has seen merchandise across the territories become an extremely lucrative business from t-shirts to children’s toys falling victim to this often hilarious phenomenon. Even finding itself on prime time British TV. Check out Stanley Tucci’s priceless response to some putting it kindly, poorly translated food menus…

More Info: Wiki | Engrish

Can you help the poor Sasquatch find his missing foot?. 

Redefining not knowing your ass from your elbow.


The miracle sponge of the 21st Century. 

In case of an apocalypse take care of “it”… Your child!


oh I, is this on a first come first serve basis?

or what Mr what? 


He’s big he’s bad he’s stocking up on frozen goods

Hold it in kitties


Whoever wrote this knows me all to well.. 😉

As free as a, as a…. Fish???

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