Depression Quest

Posted on September 7, 2017

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One early Monday morning the scene is set, you are a socially awkward man given no name (very poignant) prone to depression a person unsure of himself and where you’re heading. You solider on, living a life as ordinary as it gets. You have a girlfriend Alex, parents that love you who wished you’d have made more of your life and a splattering of other friends and acquaintances. Most of which you met in your frankly dull 9 to 5 job from high school or some other social gathering you’ve reluctantly agreed to attend. Through all this you cannot shake the feeling something is amiss somehow and so your quest begins

If you’ve heard of, seen or played the likes of Zork or the multitude of other text adventures from the 80‘s and early 90‘s, than you’ll get a general idea of exactly what to expect here. Unlike those games however, everything is played out via interactive pages. Each page represents a moment in our protagonists life and it’s down to you to decide what course of action to take from the options available. As each segment of time passes a prognosis is given as you go about your daily routine with the awkwardness of a man that has social anxiety and depression.

Painting so accurately as it does very real world situations that those who’ve experienced them will doubtless tell you are extremely believable. The increasing sense of despair oozes out of every page as each scenario presents itself. The heavy burden he feels the fear of opening up to those around him whom he loves and then the overriding sense of dread at being subsequently misunderstood. This could not be any closer to the truth my friends

Though evidently not to everyone’s taste Depression Quest is nevertheless a beautifully crafted and written interactive novella. One that has been created by people who clearly have some experience of these very real scenarios. If you hanker for the halcyon days of Zork and the multitude of other text adventures that drew you in by simply painting a picture in your head via pictures and words rather than fancy polygonal characters then I suggest you check it out.

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