Michelle MacLaren as Director of Star Wars: Episode IX

Posted on September 7, 2017

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And so yet another director has fallen by the wayside for our favourite sci-fi franchise. And this only months after it was confirmed Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were also given their marching orders for Han Solo. In the case of Colin Trevorrow creative differences between himself and Lucasfilm are the reasons cited for his swift departure from Star Wars: Episode IX. Could it be they got twitchy after his latest film The Book of Henry was universally panned and flopped at the box office?. In any case onwards and upwards and there’s some very interesting names in the mix, being mooted to fill his boots. One of which really piqued my interest

And that is none other than Michelle MacLaren director of Game of Thrones and what an impressive CV she has indeed. Outside of GOT she’s directed episodes of Breaking Bad, The X-Files, The Walking Dead and Westworld alongside her regular jaunt as GOT director. A pretty handy and impressive list I’m sure you agree.

And this got me thinking just how epic Star Wars could be with such a director at the helm, if given free licence to do with it as they please.. The Sci-fi genre has always been a personal favourite of mine but there’s been something missing in recent years and that’s a darker, gritter even seedier film franchise in the mix. Yes we have the sequel to Blade Runner in the offing and mighty fine it’s looking too but where are the epic space operas that aren’t afraid to show us blood and guts, some true balls. In Michelle we could have someone that breathes fresh life into this slightly ailing genre. Haven’t recent super hero films and TV shows taught us this? so why not sci-fi?. I feel it’s crying out for some fresh impetus such a franchise could bring, one aimed at an older audience. This simply has to happen, I for one hope it does Sci-Fi fans

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