Ash vs Evil Dead – Ashy Slashy Collectable Puppet

Posted on November 14, 2017

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Bruce Campbell’s puppet pal “Ashy Slashy” from series 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead will soon debut as a collectable prop replica. Based on the cult classic Evil Dead trilogy of films that have gone on to thrill generations upon generations of horror buffs the world over. Ash vs. Evil Dead made its TV screen debut in 2015 to mass critical acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Highly praised for successfully replicating the films slapstick blood drenched gut churning shenanigans of old, it was like Ash and the deadites had never been away. STARZ, Sam Rami and the rest of the production crew pulled off what many would have predicated to be the impossible. It’s some 23 years (or 30 if the programme is to be believed) since The Army of Darkness last felt the force of our antiheroes chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun. Picking up the story decades later the deadite plague is back with a vengeance and there’s only one man, one man who can stop them. The series introduces fans to several new characters, including the new potential nemesis, could be could be not Ruby (Lucy Lawless). Also joining Ash is a pair of ass-kicking sidekicks in Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago). But as the Evil Dead faithful found out in series 2, new characters don’t always require one to have a pulse as the wicked hand-puppet “Ashy Slashy” proved.

Meant as a therapeutic instrument to help Ash cope with his existence after being involuntarily committed to an insane asylum, the puppet, dubbed “Ashy Slashy” (which is also the not-so-flattering nickname given to Ash by the locals because of his chainsaw-wielding past) comes to life and makes life hell for anybody that gets in the way. As the primary licensee for Evil Dead and Ash vs. Evil Dead merchandise, collectables company NECA quickly realised Ashy Slashy’s popularity and immediately went to work on a full-scale replica of the puppet. According to Dead Central, NECA has just unveiled the packaging for the Ashy Slashy puppet, which means the product’s release is right around the corner (currently the release is slated for “Fall 2017”). Ashy Slashy, which is 15 inches in height, will be packaged, naturally, in an Ash vs. Evil Dead-themed box, which includes photos of Ash and the puppet from the TV series. See below:


Frankly I want one


Source: Ash vs Evil Dead’s ‘Ashy Slashy’ Getting Collectible NECA Puppet

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