FPL An Addictive Personality And a Huge Dollop of Luck

Posted on May 8, 2018

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When does a hobby or any leisurely pursuit for that matter become an addiction? at what point does it fall into the category of an illness. This is a question I’ve asked myself just recently when considering of all my hobbies the FPL or Fantasy Premier League, a game in which you build a football (soccer) squad of 15 players and compete at the time of writing against nearly 6 million others. There are leagues, head to heads and rivalries the likes of which the sport itself has become world renowned. A friend of mine recently said “it’s not good for your mental health” and the question is why?

The FPL Obsessive

When something such as the FPL dominates your thinking, has a consistent hold an adverse effect on your mood, your social life your time. Can this then be considered more than just a hobby and frankly as my esteemed friend once said, bad for your mental health an addiction?. The FPL has all the hallmarks after all, the ingredients that go into making a game an addictive one for someone prone to OCD. Fantasy Premier League requires a persistent methodical method of play, also a huge dollop of luck over a long period. This when thrown together with the use of statistical data and study (if playing to it’s maximum) can lead to a huge degree of frustration, determination even self reflection. This is due to the upset caused when it all goes horribly horribly wrong, which it invariably does lol. Yes sounds all levels of absurd to say upset over a silly little game but upsetting so it’s proved to be for many who play it.. Believe me I’ve seen it consistently

FPL Addiction

Bill Shankly “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that”. But is it as important as the FPL Bill?

Not only does it require skill but as said a large slice of luck, and if it runs out as you’d inevitably perceive it to have then what?. Well what tends to follow for me personally is second guessing my own ability right down to the nitty gritty levels as a person and own perceived lack of luck in life. The mentality of the loser? quite possibly lol, what’s that saying ‘you make your own luck’.. This is precisely the kind of game a hobby which can and will play on the mind in a big way. The fact it lasts an entire 38 weeks alone is recipe for an addiction disaster. Yes it could cause upset for those who suffer with low self esteem and mental health issues as any hobby could, which is part and parcel why the OCD tendencies kick in if you have them. OCD is it true to say tends to follow a particular emotional instability as it latches onto it as if a leach. This in turn has the effect of making one possess an ill advised steely determination, resulting in a persistence to do things that in most circumstances has a detrimental effect on peoples mental and physical health. Not forgetting of course the social life if you have one of those.

In Denial? And On The Noggin

Honestly and sorry for wasting your time here people lol. I’m not quite sure this is an addiction I have here, despite the upset it causes. Yes I’m fully aware people can have them and are in denial but that’s not me damn it lol. There is a difference between having a determination to see it through to the bitter end and an addiction. And though I do have times where it’s on my noggin far to much to the point I’ll have restless nights, I feel I’m more than capable of removing myself from it enough to know it’s not something which will entirely dominate my life. In actual fact having played this for a good four years now, I’m learning how to cope better when my luck takes a turn for the worse in the game, knowing that as the saying goes in football circles ‘it evens itself out’. We can have at times a preconceived idea that luck plays a huge part in life can we not? that we as people have none or little especially in the mental health community.

FPL League

With only two sets of matches to be played and having had a terrible last couple of game weeks, where a seemingly unassailable lead of 50 to 70 points has dwindled to the point of potential disaster… Can I get my Dad’s brave troops over the line?.

Working The Mind, Getting A Balance

What is always important I feel is to challenge yourself to do things away from what could become the addiction. My Dad has always said to me about keeping the mind occupied and it’s very true this can and will work. In saying that and as is always the case, having to much on the go or on the noggin/brain can have an impact on a persons mental well being too. us lot in particular. So balance is the key, a bit of this a bit of that and stop being so damn quiet in my case lol.

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