Overlord PC Review

Posted on May 1, 2018

If like me you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be the master and chief of those dastardly little blighters the Gremlins, to satisfy every destructive whim. Well do so no more as we have Codemasters and the Overlord to thank for fulfilling those anarchistic needs.

Overlord is a mixture of action adventure, RPG, RTS and part time Hack & Slasher. Released in 2007 on Xbox360 PS3 and PC, this was one of the years most critically acclaimed titles, with a good 15 hours or more self-gratifying evilness to embark upon. Who wouldn’t want to be a resurrected warrior from the pits of hell, who’s sole intent is total destruction and power?. Controlling the aforementioned overlord, your aim is to reclaim dominance over the land and rebuild your tower with the help of a few trusted followers and your minions.

Overlord Feeling Sheepish

The Welsh look away now, your sheep are getting a helluva roasting.

Minions are the nefarious creatures which not only become your muscle for the duration but help you ransack houses/villages and pretty much everything you can get your hands on. That instant feeling of gratification gleaned from sending them out to do thy bidding, is one that will live with you forever… Well possibly???. There are a total of four breeds, all of which you’ll need in order to properly progress throughout the game. The browns who enjoy a spot of close combat action, the reds who throw fireballs and extinguish flames. The blues who can cross water and last but by no means least we have the greens. These are the sneakiest of all minions, blessed as they are with the ability to cloak themselves and absorb poisonous gas. As each has their own set of unique abilities and weaknesses it adds a much needed tactical element to the combat and proceedings generally throughout, with later sections requiring specific minions for specific jobs i.e. puzzles. Thankfully they prove an obedient bunch in the main, be annoying if they weren’t no?. Though as is an age old problem with these types of games, path-finding issues can and will rear it’s ugly head from time to time… GRR!!!

What can be mighty frustrating early doors when permitted a limited number of minions, is having to trudge back and forth to replace one set for another. As trudging is most certainly what our anti-hero does. For some inexplicable reason there’s no run button to speak of and it’s safe to say he’s a plodder at best. This issue is further compounded by the at times samey environments and the glaring omission of a map or a decent waypoint system. There is at least the ability to improve certain stats, acquire spells, armour and other weaponry to negate this annoyance.. Just a shame there’s not a new set of walking boots

Overlord... Money Money Money

Who says power and wealth does not equal happiness.. Those liars

The game predominately leans towards an arcade experience. So with the exception of various bosses, it’s very much evident the enemies you encounter ain’t the sharpest tools in the box, this is no Mass Effect. By and large they prove to be nothing more than cannon fodder for you to maim, burn to a crisp and pound into submission. Which is of course what you want right? being you are the Overlord, have a big axe and some Gremlins?. Yes there’s little to differentiate one enemy type between another bar aesthetically. It’s true to say if they wore the same skin you’d have a hard time telling them apart in all honesty, minus their higher hit point values and size. As much as the minions will give Overlord a tactical edge to it’s bow the various inhabitants that traverse this land, conversely give it less. I’m sure there would be those out there crying out for this to be more like the latter “Mass Effect”. This is a game for those who like to kick butt, destroy destroy destroy and in a hurry. It completely delivers on the original premise to hand us the tools in order to just that. Be as destructive as our dark heart desires and for that you cannot fault it.

And it does so with a character, a charm and sense of humour which you can’t help be drawn to. One that is as evil as it is cheeky and perverse. Yes the acting could be better, in fact it’s utterly utterly terrible in places even cringe-worthy. The graphics vary from bright and chunky comic book style to dark and foreboding comic book style and though they were unquestionably nice enough for their time, obviously in 2018 ain’t all that. There are numerous issues which make this a less than perfect gaming experience. But hey where else will you find a game which allows you ultimate control over a legion of your very own Gremlins.. That’s a good deal in anyone’s book right? and though this can be a grind-fest as many of these games prove to be, it’s also undeniably fun and addictive despite it’s flaws.. P.S. not for the sheepish  

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