Dirt Showdown Review

Posted on April 3, 2018

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If you’ve ever played the likes of Flatout/Burnout then you’ll know exactly what to expect here from Dirt Showdown, it ticks all the boxes you’d expect in an arcade racer of this ilk. It’s a fast and furious pedal to the metal (cliched as that is) edge of your seat eye-popping racing extravaganza…

At least that’s the hope, certainly makes a good first impression. You’ll know exactly what it looks to deliver the moment our commentator announces your arrival and the sun beats down on the open road or dirt track as the case maybe here. As in an Adrenalin fuelled experience the likes of which you’ve… Well seen countless times before in all honesty lol but luckily for us and for Codemasters it’s a very nice addition to the genre despite it’s lack of originality in places. Despite too it being some 6 years old now and originally on the Xbox360/PS3 (we’re going truly retro here). Does it stand the test of time? well yes in the main I’d have to say it does. There’s some splendid pyrotechnics on show here that quite literally sparkle, as fireworks litter the sky and sun beams glisten off the surrounding track side and cars. Dirt has a polished sheen that at times belies it’s xbox360/PS3 roots, with lighting effects that don’t disappoint. Can’t and won’t claim them to be next gen levels of wholesome goodness, though they’re certainly not far off.

Fasten your seat belt, it’s time for a showdown.

It also provides an aural assault to the senses. The engines they do roar indeed are suitably loud and booming with just the right amount of grunt/oomph. There’s also a pumping soundtrack that depending on your tastes may or may get you in the mood for some heavy duty racing action. We have an assortment of track styles from drum and bass, rock anthems to more poppy electro numbers from the likes of Nero. Only shame is the irksome commentator who at times is guaranteed to annoy the frig out of you with his various obnoxious quips. But then what arcade racer would be complete without it?.. Dirt has a vibrancy to it’s presentation both audibly and visually that’s hard to ignore and will doubtless draw you in  

Sonic Boom, Boom, Boom

In terms of game modes we have the traditional race-off mode (no need to go into further details here right?). Domination whereby each segment of the track is divided up into quarters. Here the fastest sector times will win you points that go towards an overall total, whomever has the most at the end of the race will be declared the winner. We have Elimination which features a timer in order to eliminate each competitor from the field, those who are trailing in last place as it reaches zero are “eliminated” until only one remains. We have Demolition which as you’d expect involves bashing the seven shades of sh** out of each other for points. And lastly we have Hoonigan where players (depending on the mode here) are either given a limited time period to complete as many tricks as humanly possible or are designated the task of collecting a series of coloured bricks in a given order. I’ve often found these latter type of game modes in racing games extremely frustrating, as it almost always involves “drifting” in some capacity. Here it’s no different, thankfully it’s surprisingly good fun… Thank God

I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of game modes, though was slightly disappointed they seemed to end the elimination mode halfway through the game for some inexplicable reason. It’s almost as if they forgot it ever existed. There’s a total of 4 championships to race through and as you’d imagine there’s cars aplenty to purchase along the way and upgrades to help you get that little bit extra out of your chosen vehicle come race time. Overall it’s a pretty damn good addition to the genre though may well disappointment those who like a story mode, as sadly it has none. Dirt is not what you’d call the most challenging racer either, so lacks a little longevity and If you ain’t a fan of the arcade race genre then I can’t really see this changing your mind any time soon. For everyone else I’d say it’s well worth a bash if you’ve yet to sample it’s delights.

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