Buddypress Update: Gamification

Posted on March 18, 2018

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Lets Gamify?

So thought I’d make this post to keep you guys updated not on what I’ve done, more what I could do. Shall try and keep these posts short as poss for those who don’t like reading. I’m writing this mainly so we can all have a say on what features to implement. And without further ado I shall crack on

Now there’s several plugins doing the rounds I’ve considered and not yet tried, been wondering whether to bother with or not.. First off is a Gamification plugin, for those who don’t know what it entails, it’s a point scoring system for doing certain actions on a website. Such as what I’m doing now in writing a post or could be for making friends, posting a comment in a group etc etc. Suppose to encourage user engagement and social interaction, which sounds like fun right?. The more times you make this appropriate action the more points you’ll accumulate in that field of action, which will either increase your rank, allow you to spend these points on a wee badge etc or you may receive a reward for simply achieving a designated points target in said field of action. Later in a tiered system (as they tend to be) this could become a nice shinny trophy..

It was all the rage some years ago, though I have read people saying it’s no longer the in thing and some just don’t like it at all (grumpy people like me probably). Originally planned on doing it, had installed Mycred but having read people moaning about it, was somewhat put off.. Saw this last night which brought it back into my thinking again..

Buddypress Gamification

What do points make?… Prizes!!!. Will it be a case of increasing your rank or is this idea just total wwww… Well bad

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