Your Days Are Numbered Buddy

Posted on February 22, 2018

Crazy Sharing

The Crazy World of Numbers

So we have this new craze, well it’s been going on for a number of years now people/sites numbering things they think could be of interest. What’s that all about hey? I blame the 12 days of Christmas myself or is it Carol Voderman and Rachel Riley’s fault for making numbers sexy again… Well I say again, never done anything for me personally and I am of course still talking numbers here not Carol or Rachel.. No they’re different kettle of fish altogether; Ahem!!!.

Rachel Riley

Making Numbers Sexy.. Rachel Riley

And a 1…2…3…4

Anyway dunno about you guys/gals, for me the sight of all these numbers everywhere is starting to grate on me, is it wearing thin for you?. Unless you have something for that slinky little number 3, she has some curves on her can’t see the attraction myself. No it seems the general consensus is, numbers attract interest by virtue of the fact it makes reading articles/watching videos etc that more digestible and enjoyable. A fair assertion maybe but not since the days of playing Tetris have I came so close to having my wee noggin full of a constant barrage of one thing and one thing only.. There’s numbers numbers everywhere and I’m seeing the day fast approaching where joking aside (possibly) this truly could get a little tiresome.. There’s 5 this four that 10 of those and 15 of them, when will it ever end lol

So my question to you people and I’ll say this in my best possible Luke Skywalker voice. is it time for the numbers to end? or am I over-exaggerating this new phenomenon which will pass in time, as many do.. Shall be “counting” the days till it does my friends but until then may I interest you in this list of reasons why numbers should end…

  1. Numbering should end because it’s a lazy, cynical way to attract viewership of articles and videos.. Are you really that worried about the quality of your work?  😉
  2. Numbers seen in such frequency will eventually lead to people only being able to think and communicate in algebra
  3. The eventual outcome of which will lead to a widespread panic, as people contract and pass on a deadly strain of numbers disease
  4. Numbers have never been the kindest, they befuddle the best of us in many a situation in every day life. From passwords to banks they screw us over at every turn 
  5. They never know when to quit, they’re infinite in um numbers

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