Star Wars: The Last Jedi Furore

Posted on February 14, 2018

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ReyThe Last Person To Watch The Last Jedi

So finally got round to watching what could go down as one of the most notorious films in recent history, just couldn’t resist. The dark side of the force was luring me in to have my say on all things Star Wars: The Last Jedi. If you’ve been reading up on it you’ll know the furore surrounding the film has become near biblical in proportion, resulting in the nigh on total collapse of society as we know it.. Well you could be forgiven for thinking it such has been the strength of opinion, it’s divided nations a world, a people (possibly???). Not since Trump being unceremoniously elected president have we seen such divisiveness and turmoil in the world. What’s more it’s over this phenomenon we know as Star Wars, what a crazy old world we live in hey. So are the staunch critics right or are they wrong??? well it’s hard to say (as I’m about to have my say lol) and at length.

Critics of The Critics Versus The; Critics

We have now got to the stage where there’s an ongoing feud between the so called critics of the critics and the; well critics. This has set in motion a battle that’s nigh on endless, not unlike the evil galactic empire versus the old republic, it’s that brutal. Have those who dislike it (The Last Jedi) or even hate it thrown their toys out the pram? as the COTC (critics of the critics) claim. For it has blasphemously blown their theories out the water and thus shattered their dreams, childhood ones at that. After all when was Star Wars ever meant to have been anything other than a fantasy/sci-fi film where in reality anything goes and should would say the COTC. It’s not meant to be a piece of high art cinema that will have you a wondering about your own existence in the universe, it’s truly not that profound or meant to be. No it’s a tried and tested tale of good versus evil in space, a somewhat silly operatic adventure not to be taken too seriously. The films themselves tend not to, so why should these critics?.

Sombre Luke Skywalker

“This is not going to go the way you think”… Rian made Luke Skywalker a far more sombre character than anyone could ever imagine in The Last Jedi

The Institution That is Star Wars… Rian How Could You???

On the other hand Star Wars is as we all know an institution, with it comes a set of core universal principles, values in which a director must always adhere, sacrilege not to right?. Rian had that responsibility to uphold and unwisely has ripped them asunder to the films detriment. In doing so he’s managed to disappoint (to say the very least) and alienate generations of Star Wars fans on a grand scale. Quite possibly in a way that could have lasting implications on the franchise as a whole, if the internet is anything to go. Time will tell of course – It’s worth noting the story is also completely incoherent with plot holes aplenty that one could pick through with sheer ease critics have contended. Being as it has pushed the story in incomprehensible directions, in ways that could never have been foretold. And what of our beloved cast of characters? all that J.J. Abrams put in place for us to speculate over since TFA; something with which fans the world over have delighted in. Well sadly for many the slates have been largely wiped clean. The way in which he’s so flippantly disregarded been so dismissive of J.J’s vision of this new trilogy, it’s characters the paths they’d undertake and that of the story itself is there for all to see.. Rian wanted this to be his own beast, this is the most blatantly obvious reason for the films criticisms. Here lies the problem with handing over the reigns of a trilogy, one as huge as Star Wars to multiple you’d have to say egotistical directors. Directors who were never likely to share or want to, one another’s vision.

The Good The Bad and The Damn Right Plot Holes

Nevertheless from my own perspective I see this as both a good thing and bad. The good being that it makes TLJ that less predictable, on the flip side you could justifiably claim it not only disregards J.J Abrams as aforementioned but makes the film a lot less coherent, many would say it’s a disjointed mess as a consequence. In a way I admire his kahunas for taking the story, the characters and the entire Star Wars universe in another direction, a bold move indeed Mr Johnson. The die hard fans were always going to be up in arms and they are not to be trifled with as we well know, neither are those who grew up loving Star Wars and the likes of Luke Skywalker generally. Luke is a legendary character who Rian has seen fit to write in a way that shatters the illusion he is this great beacon of hope in the Galaxy, as we always remember him to be. The COTC would argue the point however and have done vehemently. With this continuation of Star Wars there was bound to be harsh criticism no matter what. Accusations of it being either all to familiar and conversely not familiar enough if it dared to break the rules of the Star Wars universe or how characters were originally perceived. So a lose lose situation regardless of the outcome and from the same set of fans and I’d have to agree with that

Rey, Poe & Finn

Out with the old in with the new.. Could Rey, Poe & Finn ever hope to be loved quite as much as the originals?

Fantasy and Religion Collide 

I love Star Wars myself, it’s a part of my childhood as it is many others being a middle aged man lol (and yes I really do love it). But the thing to remember is, it is merely a film and a science fiction one at that. One which never did take itself to seriously, as I’m sure George Lucas intended it to be. There is no core principles in which to uphold not really. Neither is Star Wars a religion, which to some it appears to be if the resulting backlash is anything to go by, don’t mess with ones religion. For me it’s an enjoyable watch, despite it’s faults which I know are many, despite the fact Luke is bit of a turd and those plot holes exist. How could Luke be this way? I thought it too and had to adjust to this new direction his character had been taken in. I was amazed how easily Rian flippantly dismissed many of the mysterious that surrounded the previous film. Which were either cast aside entirely or were addressed in don’t blink or you’ll miss it moments, how could he?. Yet despite this I enjoyed it, quickly got over my grievances and just took the film for what it is and always has been. A slightly silly, over the top piece of space operatic entertainment, which in that respect it delivers on in spades, for me it does.. I’m sure nostalgia and sheer stubbornness as a result of it plays a large part in all this criticism too. Sometimes people look for any excuse they can, consciously/subconsciously in order to not like something. Star Wars is a prime candidate for such scrutiny and ridicule as consequence of it. The Last Jedi is not perfect far far far from it, I can understand people being hugely disappointed in it. There are some bad bad moments in there, inexplicable ones undoubtedly, the acting is average at best and those plot holes are a very real thing. There is a semblance of truth to what these critics say, yet as a whole it’s just an enjoyable romp to me as a piece of escapism.. Star Wars I’m quite certain was never meant to be taken this seriously, as if it is a new form of religion. It’s a sci-fi flick about good and evil whereby anything goes, even if it doesn’t go quite how you want it to

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