Broken Heart Syndrome (Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy)

Posted on January 19, 2018

broken hearted (takotsubo)
Crazy Sharing

As I walk this land with broken dreams

I have visions of many things

But happiness is just an illusion

Filled with sadness and confusion

What becomes of the broken-hearted

Who had love that’s now departed?

Lyrics by Jimmy Ruffin

The Dearly Departed

When a love one dies it can and likely will be for many of us, the single most draining experience both mentally and physically we’ll face. Effectively an endurance test like no other and one I’d not wish upon anyone. Yes not even my worse enemies (not that I have any of those) can promise you that. My brother passed away some years ago now and as is often said, there’s never a day go by where I’ll not think of him in some capacity or other. There can be no underestimating the impact on our lives mum’s, dad’s, brothers and sisters have on our every day lives. Once gone there can be a proverbial chasm that can never be filled, as it’s often them and them alone that have a unique insight into you as a person, as you do them as I did myself with my brother. Whether that be for fun times, down times for that shoulder to cry on. We can take for granted that which may not always be there, as awfully depressing as that maybe. They can be our conscience, a guiding hand an inspiration able to light up our days our lives in ways only they could and when extinguished this can be truly an agonising experience.

If you yourself have lost a love one you’ll know exactly what I write of when I say there’s many a time where you’ll thoughts will drift into memories of those sadly departed. What triggers this could be something you see, hear or think at any given moment and you’ll wonder what if, just what if they were here right now? what would they have said, what would you have said to them. There has been many a time where I’d loved to have shared a piece of music, thoughts on a film, shown him an amazing piece of art or shared in the glory of a sublime goal. Whatever it maybe can be extremely heavy on the heart, especially in the early months following a love ones death. It’s further compounded by seeing the pain of others, the rest of your family and friends also going through the grieving process.

Broken Heart Syndrome (Takotsubo)

And it’s this pain, the sorrow which we feel that can lead to very real serious health problems. The sheer heartache as British researchers have discovered can and likely will result in so called “broken heart syndrome” or takotsubo as it’s originally known. In the UK alone some 3,000 adults every year suffer from the syndrome. Commonly triggered by bereavement it mainly occurs when severe stress causes the heart muscle to become stunned and weakened. Until recently doctors believed that the damage was temporary and would eventually heal but studies have shown that the condition weakens the heart permanently. Dr Dana Dawson, the lead researcher at the University of Aberdeen, told the Daily Mail: “It is becoming increasingly recognised that takotsubo is more common than we originally thought.” The study was presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Anaheim, California. Dr Dana Dawson said: “This is the longest follow-up study looking at the long-term effects of takotsubo, and it clearly shows permanent ill-effects on the hearts of those who suffer from it. These patients are unable to perform much in the way of physical exercise, fatigue more easily.”

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