Schizoaffective Disorder Recovery Helped Me Gain Confidence

Posted on Jan 1, 2018

Crazy Sharing

Schizoaffective disorder recovery initially took away something that made me feel special. My confidence suffered. Here's why I'm glad I continued in recovery.

Schizoaffective disorder recovery helped me gain confidence, but first recovery took away a gift I thought made me special.  Before my diagnosis in my early twenties, when I was really struggling, I thought that I was a medium and could communicate with spirits. I had both auditory and visual hallucinations that I thought were ghosts. Letting go of the belief I was psychic in early schizoaffective disorder recovery hurt my confidence.

While I was relieved that psychiatric medication took away my frightening hallucinations, it also felt like I was losing a special ability. I soon learned that I could do so much more now that I’m on medication. I was able to explore interests and pursue the things I love.

I’m glad to be in schizoaffective disorder recovery, and I hope you feel the same. Watch my video about how I gained confidence in mental health recovery.

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