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I’m much more at peace these days, less moody, less angry, more stable.  The meds I’ve been taking have been doing what many should have done all along, settle me down. I’m a lot better able to look after everything that needs to be done where I live, go out and carry out responsibilities with supplies and groceries, as well as look after myself and everything that I need. I practically live on my own now, no one helps me do anything. My diagnosis is something I don’t even want to talk about anymore because I just feel like it defines me then, it might be something that I have but it’s not who I am.

Mental Health Disorder(s)

Depression, Anxiety, Mania, Bipolar, Insomnia

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Favourite Movies / TV Shows

Action, Horror, Drama, Crime, Thriller, B&W, Western, Documentary


Rock (Alternative), Electronic, Metal (Various), Pop, R&B/Soul, Rap/Hip Hop

Favourite Foods

Fast Foods, Pizza, Chinese, Indian, Spicy / Hot, Italian, Greek

Hobbies & Interests

As of very recently, I quit Instagram for various reasons, the only hobbies I will have now are playing video games, if I feel like doing that anytime soon. Listening to music and that’s about it, unless going to the store, doing laundry, and paying bills are considered hobbies lol. I’ll be lucky if I can go on walks like I had doing there for a bit in the summer because my back is in too much pain, I can barely bend over, so I’ve just been laying around and sitting around, even when I was on Instagram. Unless it’s to go out and make sure there are supplies here or to make sure bills are paid, I’m just going to be laying around for awhile, detaching and disconnecting from people and life.

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