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The Why We Canni Speak Thread

Just thought I'd make a wee thread about what makes many of us so quiet.. It's not exactly an illness quietness lol, sure there's different reasons for each of us

For me there's many many factors in it, shyness being one. Actually realising that I don't mind my own company is another as I'm more comfortable in it, I'm an awkward son of a gun in reality.. There's anxiety too that plays a huge part in it as does my physical condition and the mind just being unable to process tings properly.. Likely due to the anxiety

Anyhoo what reasons do you have for this terrible affliction we call quietness. 


The Crazy Administrator

Actually another thing is the total self awareness of it all and thinking whatever I do isn't right by anyone.. Canni talk about that, canni talk about this and this is a big reason for the shyness as well

I hope people will come on ere now and tell me their reasons for it... Not many quiet ones around ere lol 

The Crazy Administrator
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