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We have gone to great lengths in making Crazy Chums as user friendly as possible but understand that it’s not always easy making the transition from using one social network to another. We hope you’ll find this simple FAQ and the videos below helpful.


Brief list of FAQs

What Can I Do From My Profile

From the ‘Profile’ page clicking ‘Edit’ brings up your ‘Base’ (basic information) such as age, country and your name. Via the ‘My Details’ tab directly to the right of this you have the chance to write a little more about yourself or using the check boxes you see provided add favourite films, music and the like.

You can further personalise by uploading an avatar a cover and background. You’ll also have quick and easy access to recent ‘Activity Streams’ (see below). Your latest ‘Messages’, on the friends tab your latest ‘Friend Requests’. On ‘Blog’ you can ‘View’, ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’ or create ‘New Posts’. In ‘Settings’ change your email, password and alter your profile visibility settings.

How Do I Make Friends

The cornerstone of any social network site is of course making and having ‘Friends’; you don’t say hey. Whether you like to have a few or a dozen, we hope our site will help you connect with like minded people within the mental health community. Thankfully finding friends (sending ‘Friend Requests’) or even unfriending (as if you would) is a simple process. 

By filling out certain selection ‘Profile Fields’ such as gender, diagnosis and favourite films/TV shows these become ‘Clickable Links’. For example if you chose “horror” as a favourite type of film then by clicking that text link you can search other members who also enjoy the genre. On the members page a more detailed search maybe undertaken by clicking on the drop down ‘Advanced Search’ hide/show form button. From here you can select a series of selection fields to fine tune your search criteria.

You can either send a ‘Friend Request’ from the ‘Members Page’ or the actual ‘Members Profile’, it is then up to them whether they accept that request or don’t.

Private Messaging & Site-Wide Notices

As with any other social networking site you can send and receive ‘Private Messages’, a fundamental part to forming lasting friendships in any community. Using ‘SSL Encryption’, you can rest assured any correspondence between members truly remains private.

You can send private messages in several ways, firstly by visiting the ‘Members Profile’ who you wish to message. There you will see the ‘Private Message’ button in all it’s fine glory. Secondly via your own profile ‘Message’ section, from there by clicking on ‘Compose’.

Please Note: you can send to multiple members at once and must type each @member separate. For example @member1 @member2 and so on as in “@“ followed by the members name as seen on each of their profiles.

Once the member(s) has received the message and correspondence begins having received a reply, they will appear in your ‘Inbox’ for easy access. You may also ‘Star’ the conversation, doing so will keep it at the top of your inbox for convenience. Each and every member may also post images and videos within their messages from the likes of ‘YouTube’ and ‘imgur’ or use our expanding range of included ‘Emoticons’.

‘Side-Wide Notices’ are admin messages, site updates sent to all members to keep them informed of current and future site developments.

Activity Streams What Are They?

‘Activity Streams’ can provide a quick digest of recent you guessed it “Activity”. You may choose between ‘All Activity’ (features all members regardless of friendships formed). ‘Personal’ (everything corresponding to you) ‘@Mentions’ (friend comments) ‘Friends’ (all corresponding friend activity).

Via the ‘Show:’ drop-down menu selection you can also display ‘Everything’, ‘Updates’ (member updates), ‘Gallery Updates’, any friendships formed, ‘Blog Posts’ and lastly ‘Comments’. Working much like you’ll see on twitter or facebook you can leave comments for your fellow members and post videos or music, upload images for friends to read, watch and listen to. They in turn can likewise reply as you can to them.

Posting on our Blog

Utilising a full-featured online publishing platform, members can post their thoughts on any topic you care to think of. If you’d like to write about your days out that’s fine, about your nights in also fine, if it’s films or music you enjoy write about those too. See our ‘Community Guidelines’ page for further information.

From your profile ‘Blog’ page you can ‘View’, ‘Unpublish’, ‘Edit’ or completely ‘Delete’ any previous posts. You also have the option to create a ‘New Post’. Creating a new post is simple; write the title copy & paste your text or otherwise write it then set a ‘Featured Image’.

Please Note: featured image minimum recommended size is 1024×1024. Images below 500k are preferable. All blog posts will be subject to review.

Forums & Chatroom

What thriving community would be complete without ‘Forums’ and a ‘Chatroom’?. Like any other Forum or Chatroom worthy of the name you can post pictures, videos and express yourself to your hearts content via a range of ‘Emoticons’. Our chatroom even allows members to video chat

Talk about games, the latest news, music, TV shows and films or discuss ‘Mental Health’ issues with fellow members safe in the knowledge they’re understand exactly how you feel.. See video below on how to use our chatroom

Using Your Personal Gallery

With 10mb of space provided for each user you can create a range of themed ‘Galleries’ for fellow members to gaze through or for your own viewing pleasure. Those familiar working with ‘Facebook’ should be right at home here. Each ‘Gallery’, singular image or audio file you may provide descriptions for and fellow members may comment or rank each gallery as they wish.

From your ‘Profile Gallery’ page you have the option to view ‘My Gallery’ which is all available galleries; this includes both pictures and audio files. On the ‘Photo’ tab you’ll see picture based galleries only and on ‘Audio’, well you get the gist.. From either of these pages if you have any existing galleries you can choose to ‘View’ (go to) ‘Upload’ or ‘Delete’ an existing gallery.

If you choose to ‘View’ an existing gallery you’ll see the option tabs are ‘Add Media’ which is self explanatory or ‘Edit’. This will take you to a page which allows bulk editing of an entire gallery. From here you’ll see a list of existing images and audio files which you can choose to rename or add further descriptions to. There’s also the option to ‘Reorder’ the pictures/audio files as you see fit. Finally we have ‘Edit Details’ this allows members to rename existing galleries and to alter their descriptions.

You may also have spotted ‘Featured Media/Gallery’ tabs. If you have a large set of galleries, which maybe particular favourites you may wish to set one as ‘Featured’. Clicking on ‘Set Featured’ to either of your galleries will put said gallery into the ‘Featured Gallery’ category. Similarly you can set single images as featured, doing so will place them onto your profile page just underneath your cover image and is a nice way to display to fellow members some of your favourite images.

Sending Members Gifts

What better way to lighten up someone’s day than to send them a ‘Gift’. On each members page you’ll find that very option and not only can you send that gift but a personalised message to accompany it. With 18 currently to choose from, there’s one for nearly every occasion.

Moving Forward

Future Expansion

Charity Donations

Here at Crazy Chums we’re dedicated to helping those in the mental health community, not only by means of making a social network but potentially via charity donations as yet to be decided.


It’s not always easy coming forward to talk about mental health issues as we are all to aware. Nevertheless we’re discussing the possibility of doing just that, please get in contact if you feel you’d like to participate.


Though we have made every effort to make Crazy Chums as simple a site to use as possible, we appreciate people may still get slightly overwhelmed. Therefore we’re be making a series of videos to help you get acquainted (see below) and more besides.

Polls & Quizzes

Getting our members properly engaged to have their say in this community is of paramount importance. So we hope to allow our members to create and participate in a range of polls and quizzes.

Always welcome to suggestions!!!

We encourage our members old and new alike to contact us about any potential features we could implement or if indeed any could be sacrificed for the sake of user friendliness. We are always open to suggestions.

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