So Just Who is Behind Crazy Chums?

We’re merely a small group of friends who’ve come together to create our own little community. One we wish to open up to the public at large, hope you’ll join and enjoy. We all know what a lonely lonely place it can be when having to face the struggles of mental illness alone. So having seen so many a site over so many a year focus on the pitfalls of mental illnesses alone, why we thought it high time one was created who’s primary focus is on making friends within the community itself.. And here we are, we do not (as you may see) have many numbers are looking to expand our member base. We’re also on the look out for dedicated bloggers possibly podcasters too.. Please feel free to join or get in touch with us (see the contact form below)

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    Yes it's really free, unlike rival sites we do not charge monthly or lifetime fees.

How to Use Crazy Chums

Videos on how to get the most out of Crazy Chums and more besides.


Why The Name?

So why the name Crazy Chums? that’s a question I have been asked many a time. I see it as us trying not to take ourselves to seriously as a people. Yes we have these mental health issues, does that mean it's really not OK to think of ourselves as people who like any other has the capacity to be happy and smile to laugh, at even ourselves?’. To see a lighter side of an issue that is often painted as one that would have you believe should be taken wholly seriously at all times, which in a way is unhealthy in itself in many respects. This is partly my idea behind the site and it’s name having seen so much of the negative side to the subject.. I know that we can and will suffer but this does not mean we cannot find moments of happiness and most importantly friendship.

Keep Calm & Talk About Mental Health
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Money Matters

How We're Looking To Finance

You may have read our intention to start up a donation page or two which we’re still yet to implement. This I hope will not only encourage people to join, that we’re serious about the needs of our community and in forming lasting friendships. But that we are worthy of being financed ourselves through the help of this community.

Not through expensive monthly or lifetime membership schemes for profit. No transparently in dribs and drabs if needs be as much as anyone can afford in order to keep the site afloat and to improve it over time. A site built for a community for a community.. And we cannot say fairer than that can we?


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