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Keep it Real But Keep It Civil

Here at Crazy C we fully understand the passion those of us in the community have for a varying degree of topics, accept we all have our own personal grievances, opinions and illnesses. We all have our moments lets call them. So giving our propensity to in effect “get extremely wound up” to put it mildly we accept there should be leeway afforded to every member. But that’s not to say we will accept persistent bad behaviour in various forms, as the needs of our members will always be of paramount importance. Discussions often entail topics that could get heated, we personally care for and we’ll passionately defend. Please see below for our community guidelines

Community Guidelines, What to Avoid

  • Persistent name-calling and ad hominem attacks
  • Prolonged baiting and bullying behaviour
  • Comments/posts that are either hateful, inflammatory have racist, homophobic, sexist or have deliberately provocative overtones towards a person or group of individuals.
  • Please refrain from creating groups/forums that target individuals or are as above unsavoury .
  • Posting Images and links to pornographic or violent material will not be tolerated

Posting/Commenting Rules

Be sure to stay on topic if you can, and if you aren’t sure it matches the general theme of the discussion for any length of time, then maybe try again later.

Self-promotion spam comments that contain only a link to a blog, a product or an article on another site will almost certainly be removed.

Moderators are at the forefront of combating spam, mediating disputes and enforcing community guidelines and so are you. If you see an issue please contact the moderators if possible, if you believe someone has persistently violated the rules also contact us.

Spammers, Trolls & Fake Profiles

We know in any community such as this there will be times where members will not be who they say they are, be that spammers, people who’s sole purpose is to troll and hurt others or on the site for other unscrupulous means. As such we see it as vitally important to alleviate some of those fears people may have of their fellow members. So rest assured that I and others in the community are vigilant when it comes to such matters.. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns over particular members/profiles

Upload Limits

We do not impose an upload limit, we do however ask that you follow our fair usage guidelines which only proposes that large video and music files be kept to a bare minimum. If you do wish to upload music and videos, please consider converting them to an appropriate format such as mp4 web optimised for videos using handbrake and as a 128kbps file for MP3’s etc. The default gallery profile settings are currently set at 50MB’s (see visual indicator) which we may increase on request. For all users in their chosen groups uploads of images will be set at 20MB’s.

Please note: that due to the sheer size of most video and music formats as previously stated, we only ask that you adhere to the fair usage policy in all groups as indicated above.. All images, videos and sound/music uploaded is subject to review.. Do not post pornographic or violent material   

A Final Note

Above all else lets try and keep things as civil as humanly possible while at the same time remembering we are a unique community, whereby tolerance and understanding therefore leeway should be afforded. We can’t all get along or have the same opinion and sense of humour, we’re have perspectives on life on various topics that only a community such as ours can hold. I believe strongly that a three strike rule is a fair and just system for all members (including myself lol)… No guillotines will be involved and hey we just wanna have fun 

Contacting Us

Please contact me either using the form below, on my profile vectormam or email me at [email protected]

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