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So Just Who is Behind Crazy Chums

A Social Network For The Mental Health Community

We’re merely a small band of friends dedicated to creating our own online community, one we wish to open up to the public at large. We all know what a lonely lonely place it can be when having to face the struggles of mental illness alone. So having seen so many a site over so many a year focus on the pitfalls of mental health and that alone, is why we felt it high time one was created who’s primary focus is on making friends within the community itself.

And so here we are, we do not (as you may see) have many members are in the process of developing the site while looking to expand our user base. We’re also on the look out for dedicated bloggers, possibly podcasters and those in general willing to help make this site what it could and should be, to spread the word in effect.. Please feel free to join or get in touch (see our contact page for further information). And thanks for dropping by.

My own struggles with mental health issues and loneliness. Being a long term sufferer of depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions I know the full impact this has on us as people. The stigma and ultimately the loneliness that often comes with having any form of mental illness. Paul Aka Vectorman

Money matters, it doesn’t grow on trees. Here at Crazy Chums we realise the financial constraints many of us will be under. Unlike other sites we’d care to mention but won’t, we’d never look to exploit our members for monetary gains. See below for how we’re looking to finance our site going forward

How We’re Looking To Finance

What’s The Motivation


& Charity Donations

Knowing the hardships many of us endure not only mentally but financially it’s our intention to give back to the community rather than take from it. With your help and support the aim is to finance Crazy Chums through a simple annual donation, not via monthly or lifetime membership schemes. This we do transparently and hope will not only encourage people to join but that we’re serious about the needs of our members, in helping all of us to form lasting friendships and possibly more. 

Currently we do not use any form of advertisements and wish that to remain so, though cannot rule out the possibility of using non intrusive ads in order to help finance the site going forward. These would be tailored to our members interests (via third party cookies) and would not impact on the running of our site. If you have any further suggestions/enquiries on possible mental health charity donations of interest or potential affiliate programmes please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Meet The Team

The Crazy Chums

Great minds think alike!.. Meet the people behind the site, from concept to fruition and over a year in the making. 

Paul Aka Vectorman


Site designer, shy at times but oddly described as extroverted too. An introverted extrovert if such a thing exists, who enjoys making choons (badly) and all things Sci-Fi/Horror.

Amy Aka Amewat


Love collecting and making jewellery, animals especially cats they make me laugh. 80s music and singing to myself. Enjoy horror films, collecting gemstones, love the colour purple.

Tim Aka Timbo


Keen hiker, fitness fanatic and huge Man UTD supporter. Enjoy a spot of classical when the mood suits and have a penchant for foreign TV shows and Films.