Crazy chums

A Social Network for those in the Mental Health Community.
Made for us by us and what's more it's absolutely free


Our aim is simple, to create the first truly independent social networking site for those in the mental health community. With your help and support the aim is to create something we can all enjoy and be proud of. With no costly monthly or lifetime charges to worry over, this we hope will be the most cost effective way to form lasting friendships (or more) in our community.





features at a glance

Profile Quick Access

From your profile you’ll have quick and easy access to recent activity streams, any unread messages received, friend requests, gifts your own personal gallery and blog. Plus privacy/visibility settings.

Making Friends

Using the simple matching algorithm which you help create via the profile fields you fill out, it's an easy task to find fellow members with common interests. Be that films or TV shows, music etc.

Private Messaging

As with any other social networking site you can send and receive private messages. What's more you can embed images, videos and use a range of smileys which have been handily provided.

Personal Blog

Users can utilise a full-featured online publishing platform to post their thoughts on any topic you care to think of. If you’d like to write about your travels,fine. If it’s films you enjoy write about those too, games, music, books.


For those who like a more personal close quarters way to talk online, we have a chatroom. It features the ability to embed videos, use emoticons, post pictures and even allows users to send attachments and call via video.


What thriving community would be complete without forums. Allowing users to chat at a more leisurely pace, Whether it's about the latest news or anything you enjoy on TV, Films, Music and your hobbies.

Why pay to make friends?

Join today and help us build a site that our community deserves.