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What is Our Aim And Why We Are Different

We are a nonprofit organisation dedicated to creating and expanding upon a social network infrastructure for those in the mental health community. Through the help and support of our members the hope is to provide the eventual means to make a site that will fulfil those needs. We all know how hard it can be to make lasting friendships in our community, so what better way to form those very bonds than through helping develop a site we can be proud of.

And you can rest assured of complete financial transparency, as it will be us that will have the ultimate say on any future developments. With proceeds (as yet determined) that will go towards charities as also decided by our community. With no costly monthly or lifetime fees to worry over our aim is simple. To develop and maintain a site that is made for us by us.


How it Works

Registering for Crazy Chums is Simple



Filling out your basic details

Confirm your basic information via the register page or sign up using either one of Facebook, Twitter or Google+ . Upload an avatar picture a header and a nice background (see our backgrounds page) to spruce up your profile.


Your Interests

Give your profile a personal touch

Add some details, a little more about yourself. Favourite films, TV shows, music etc and any other interests/hobbies you may have. Set a mood status, write a header and display pictures/youtube videos directly on your profile.


Find New Friends

Share the things you enjoy

Easily find other members who share your common interests with matching keywords. Create groups and threads in our forums or use our chatroom where you can share pictures, videos and even video chat 


Getting Started on Crazy Chums

If you've ever used a social networking site before you'll be right at home and for those of you haven't, don't worry will be on hand to help guide you through the process and get you started. And as this is a community project you can rest assured will do our utmost to keep things ticking over smoothly. We encourage old and new members alike to ask for any features they'd like to see implemented.

We're always open to suggestions and will do our very best to see that anything our members and team can agree on, will be worked upon. We're also on the look out for contributors, keen bloggers/writers and youtubers in the community. So if you fit the description are interested please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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